Monday, March 24, 2014

Jumbo Perch Gumbo

*Make a roux
      -1/2 stick of butter and 4 tbs flour
      -6 cups fish or chicken broth
*Veggies chopped and diced
      -3/4 cup okra
        (can substitute green beans and a little corn starch)
      -4 cloves garlic
      -1 onion
      -2 celery ribs                 
      -2 carrots
      -1 bell pepper
      -2 large tomatoes
      -1/2 cup red or white wine
      -2 bay leaves
      -2 tbs Old Bay seasoning
      -Salt, pepper, hot sauce to taste
*Fish and meat cut-up
      -1# Perch fillets
      -1/2# shrimp
      -2 links chorizo or other sausage
Directions- Make the roux in a sauce pan by cooking and stirring the flour and butter over a low/med heat for 10 min. Do not burn. In a large pot, sauté vegies and deglaze with wine. Add seasoning, roux, cooked sausage, season to taste. Simmer low for 20 min. then add fish and simmer additional 10 min. Serve with rice.

Cheers and hook-sets!

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