Monday, July 22, 2013

Bring-Yo-Bling For Leech Lake Walleyes

What do shallow woman and leech lake walleyes have in common?
They both LOVE shiny things.

With the lake full of forage options right now, get a walleyes attention with flash and bling.

Here are some of my best patterns from the past few weeks. Mostly silver combos with a little gold here and there. 1.7-2 mph is a good speed to start out at right now. I use planer boards for fish shallower then 20' or when fishing multiple lines. For breaklines, try sending a shallow diver behind a planer board up-top and run a deeper model straight behind, keeping the boat in 15-25 f.o.w. Run Husky Jerks or Bomber Long A's with a short lead (40'-60') behind the board when fishing over weeds.

                                                                cheers and hooksets!