Friday, May 24, 2013

Walleye Bull Market-Leech Lake

Leech lake has seen it's walleye booms and recessions over the years and things are shaping up for a banner year in my opinion. The years of  "too big to eat" walleye fishing are over. There is a perfect balance of eaters and over-slot fish to keep it exciting. While other Minnesota lakes may be better for numbers or hold bigger fish, Leech, in my opinion is the quintessential walleye fishery. Its red hot one month and humbling the next. Just make sure to keep one eye on the panfish, bass and muskie action too for a more diversified portfolio.

Cheers and hooksets!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

If you smelt it...

The smelt run is wrapping up now in most of the Great Lakes rivers and streams. Although I have never actually dipped a net for these little fish I can attest to their tastiness as I got to partake in a smelt fry a few weeks ago. Yum!

                                            These butterflied smelt have a tasty fry
                                                 Okay warden...I'm ready to die!

                                                         Cheers and hooksets!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Leech Lake-Finaly Some Open Water

I hit Shingobee bay for a few hours this afternoon to try some panfish action as the main lake was still iced up for opening weekend. No Crappies, the Perch were all pretty small @ 6"-9" but I did manage to find some nice Bluegills. The biggest two touched the 10" mark. Most of the bay was 42-44 degrees but I saw 50 up in the frog water. That breeze was chilly. Steamboat bay is mostly ice free now and Kabekona bay will go tomorrow I believe. Come on open water!
                                                               Cheers and hooksets!


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Steel Away- Wild Rainbows In May

This last April has been one of old man winters cruelest jokes to date. It finally looks like wild fish and fisherman can finally reconnect in the open water streams of Lake Superior's north shore for their annual rendezvous. Since things are just heating up, I'm predicting good numbers of fish in or near the rivers for most of May.


Cheers and hooksets!