Sunday, June 26, 2016

Catching (our breath) in June- Leech lake *Pic Heavy*

Wow! With 30-45 mph gusts today, I find myself with an afternoon off of the lake. June has been a whirlwind of meeting great folks, netting fish and staring at electronics. Not every day has been uber-productive, but overall, the fishing has been great here on Lago Leech. The big walleyes stole the show this week with 9 fish covering 26 inches or more of my bump board, and 30+ fish over the two foot mark. As always in late June, we have some ideas where they will show up tomorrow and what they will bite on. But most likely, we will have to try several presentations/locations this week to really get dialed in.

Here is a great slip-bobber fish caught in 4' of water earlier in the month. 

Limits are great, and when the keepers are averaging 17-18 inches, it's hard to beat. 

A healthy looking portage bay fish.

Smile blades are well named.

"Day off" slip bobber fishing with my boy.

Another great slip bobber fish.

Windy days usually mean limits for all.

One of 5 bigger fish this day. 

Thick fog? No problem. A 29" gravel lizard from Walker bay.

Regular client Jeff  and company went on a tear before their Canada trip, boating a whole bunch of 23"-27" walleyes.



Here is dad, scouting and helping me get dialed in before a trip.

Even the guide gets to land a nice one. 

Dad strikes again!

1st Muskie hunt of the year, we moved some really nice fish but couldn't seal the deal. Action plus pike made it fun though. 

The spinner/crawler bite has been hit or miss, this fish did hit on a post frontal, sunny day. 

Cheers and hook-sets! 
Captain Phil Bauerly- Leech Lake