Sunday, May 22, 2016

Do the tighten up- Leech Lake walleyes in May

We have been catching fish on spots all over Leech Lake this week with the best bite still coming on a light jig and minnow in 9-14 feet of water. 

We are seeing a really healthy average size with most fish being in the 17"-25" range.

Dragging a light jig along at .6 mph can be really effective. 

Limits and many slot fish each day has been the standard. 

We actually ran through all of our bait one day after boating 40+ fish. This was no problem though as Chris wanted to catch some smallmouths on artificials to end the day. 

This competitive Nebraska group mopped up on the 'eyes on Wednesday.  

The fish didn't cooperate quite as well on Thursday but the quality of the fish coupled with perfect weather made up for it. 

Cheers and hook-sets!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fort Knox, Minnesota

With the dawning of a new walleye season on Leech Lake, the bite is coming together. We are sampling again that almost unbelievable mix of sizes and year classes available in this healthy fishery. 

Some days the catch is dominated by 15"-20" eating sized fish.

While other days the 20"+ slot fish rule, with enough keepers still coming in for a nice fish fry.

Either way, my goal is simple: to help you bring to the surface...

..what is just lying down there like gold bars stacked up at Fort Knox.

Cheers and hook-sets!

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Don't get me wrong with this title, I do enjoy early open water fishing for crappies, bluegills, suckers, perch and stream trout. However, big water walleye fishing is in my veins and the grand tradition of "walleye opener" can't come soon enough for me. To build on the anticipation, Leech Lake is one of the best early season walleye lakes anywhere with loads of 15"-20" fish right now with just enough bigger fish to make things really interesting for fisher folk. 

The next 3-4 weeks should be silly good for crappies if we can pry ourselves away from the walleye haunts.

Bluegills picnic in the shallows on warm afternoons, they will start making beds and staying shallow as long as water temps continue to rise.

We have a few trout streams in the area as well, if you don't mind bush whacking a bit. 

Cheers and hook-sets!