Tuesday, June 26, 2018

June Wrap-up- Leech Lake Walleyes

It has been a very busy June, with a lot of great people and great fishing to boot. June typically starts out with very consistent fishing, with jigs and shiner minnows being the standard presentation. Later in the month, walleyes expand their forage menu to mayflies, crayfish, larvae and perch. A wide variety of presentations are now being used including; crankbait casting and trolling, lindy rigging chubs and leeches, slip bobbers and leeches, vertical jigging lures, and casting jigs and plastics near weeds and rocks. 

Pictured below are just a few highlights from the past month of fishing on Leech Lake.

Note: I'll be switching into hard-core muskie mode soon, but am still looking forward to walleye fishing three-to-four trips per week or so in July and August. Mid-September until the end of October is typically good walleye fishing on Leech Lake too, I still have many dates available for fall fishing.

Not too many of these in South Carolina.

Tiana with the fish of the day! 

Limits of quality eating sized walleyes are the norm during the first six weeks or so of the season. 
Contact me now to get good dates on my 2019 calendar.

Stormy day limits.

Mid-lake fish. 

More mid-lake action.

Sunny day slab of a walleye.

Grip and grin.

A nice cold-front fish.

Reef donkey.

Tough conditions but getting it done.

Digging them out of the weeds.

A nice golden fish from shallow water.

A rare triple! 

21" Smallmouth Bass for Chris, the biggest I have seen! 

Cheers and hook-sets! 
Capt. Phil Bauerly