Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pressure, Weather and Muskies

Most avid Muskie hunters are tuned into solunar calenders, weather reports and fish dawn and dusk to maximize their time on the water. I have noticed a few unusual wrinkles to these patterns that have helped me out the last few years.

First off the weather thing. Most people know that fishing ahead of a front or with a dropping barometer can lead to feeding fish. However, with the ever increasing fishing pressure that has occured in the past 5-10 years, fish adapt too. I find Muskies feeding later and later in these situations after most have hung up their sticks. Fishing right in the middle of or the day after a front can be huge. Give it a try!

This fish was caught by my brother Jeff out of a gin-clear lake the morning after a storm rolled through. We got this fish to follow the day before, right as the front approached but couldn't get it to bite.                                                                    
Finaly, the fishing pressure thing. It's just a fact for most Muskie hunters that they will have to fish evenings or weekends but changing up the time of day can be a great idea too. On some boddies of water, dawn and dusk or at night can be the only real time to score but it pays to experiment. Early to mid morning or even at high noon can be great if most anglers are hitting the water for the evening bite. No, it's not rocket science but paying attention to these little details can put a few in your boat and on your camera.                                                                                                                             

Cheers and Hooksets!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

7/2/11 Transition Fishin'

We finally got some stable weather this week but there is a lot going on with rising water temps, a large Mayfly hatch and many fish gorging themselves on molting crayfish, the fish proved tough to pattern. Extra boat traffic adds to the fun with most people doing just fair for Walleyes. I've managed a few fish at every spot but nothing fantastic as far as numbers. I like to stick with my mixed bag approach for bigger 'eyes, Pike and Muskies until the 'skis really get chewing, which should be any time now.

Here is a baby 'ski and our best Walleye from Sat.

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Posted on: 2011/7/4 9:15