Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11/9/10 Get out there

Been doing a little 11th hour(month) soft water fishing the last two days and man has the weather been great. I know some of you deer hunters have been thinking about it. Here's my 44" Muskie from yesterday and one of the 7 fat Pike I got on Friday( all between 30" and 34"). Temps. look to be cooling a bit after today but it will still be doable so get out there and do it!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8/10/10 Bonz'eye!

On Leech Lake, the bigger the wind, the bigger the bite! Battle the windy shorelines and windy reefs and experience aggressive Walleye fishing. These bonz'eye Walleyes will smash an aggressively ripped Jig. Gulp shines when they are really chewing as it isn't worth the time or money to bait up some days. Life vests and high powered trolling motors are a must and don't be afraid to drop the hook when you locate fish. When there are whitecaps rolling I swap the galvanized anchor for my 30# Navy anchor. It allows me to fish a short anchor line and put the boat right where it needs to be. Rain suits are a must too, they aren't just for rain days. Don't wait until your clothes are half soaked to put on the foulies. When the wind blows cold, go for the gold!


Monday, August 2, 2010

8/2/10 A Plug For Plugs

I've been getting a few nice 'eyes in the cabbage weeds durring the day (over the slot) and a few trolling deep Tail Dancers in the evening (over the slot). Crankbaits realy shine for bigger fish this time of year.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6/29/10 Twitchin' And A Rippin'

Twitch baits come in all shapes and sizes and every angler has his or her own way to work them. For me, it's all about fast rips with the rod tip and throwing slack into the line between rips. It's all about finding a speed and cadence that trips their trigger.  It's all about catching a big fish off guard and taking advantage of it's instincts. If you can make contact with weeds and rocks it's even more effective. This is my favorite presentation for June fishing for Muskies, Pike and Walleyes. It's my best multi-species presentation by far. Especially for above average Walleyes, numbers of Pike and finicky, neutral Muskies. Shallow Raiders, Suicks and Magnum Bomber Long-A's for Muskie and Pike. Long-A's and #14 Huskie Jerks shine for both Pike and Walleyes. It's an in-yo-face, multi-species presentation that can really put some quality fish in the boat when little else will.



Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18/10 "Blue Collar Brook Trout"

Ahhhh spring. The snow and ice are mostly melted but the lakes are still too chilly to fish. Time to check a few creeks. No, not for brookies. Suckers! These fish are the perfect cure for cabin fever. They run in big numbers and fight as hard as any stream trout. Make fresh fish cakes, fire up the smoker or vacuum seal some for Catfish cutbait.  I like a #2 circle hook and a 12" leader of 6# fluorocarbon below a swivel and a small egg sinker. Timing is everything so keep moving or come back after a day or two if the bite isn't going. It's a great time to get out.