Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Late Summer Leech Lake Muskies on the Prowl

I've been a bit too busy chasing the walleyes, bass and muskies of Leech Lake to post lately. Now that peak season is winding down, I'll hopefully have a chance to catch-up on my blog. 
Here is a sample of some recent muskie catches from my boat.

Paying attention to seasonal patterns has been crucial to my muskie success. Action typically peaks on the "community" rock reefs around pelican island and the south shore in early-to-mid August. This bite doesn't last long these days as an army of bait-throwing muskie fisherman take turns giving these fish an education starting in July. 

Joe's personal best muskie crushed his topwater lure mid-morning. 

Getting follows and getting bites are two very different things by mid-August. I like to get away from traditional spots that hold tentative fish, and look for less-pressured fish. Most of the 250 miles of shoreline on Leech Lake has potential for holding a "hot fish". 

Flashy bucktails, and topwaters like the Lake X Fat Bastard have been great tools for finding the most aggressive fish in the lake, and getting them to bite. 

Mark scored his first muskie shallow, and at mid-morning while the sun was still behind the trees.

We can't always pick our weather, but clouds and a little wind sure help to keep fish shallow and active throughout the day. Only on sunny, calm days will I focus on finding fish in deeper than 6 feet of water. 

 The muskellunge bite should just continue to improve as the leaves change, and the water cools. 
Be sure to check back and look for updated walleye and muskie reports in the near future.

Cheers and hook-sets!
Captain Phil Bauerly- Leech Lake MN