Friday, January 23, 2015

February and March Fishing Forecast - Leech Lake

With about a month to go in the season, Walleye fishing here on Leech lake has now settled into it's typical late winter doldrums for the most part. Mobile anglers can still catch their limit and then some by staying mobile and concentrating their efforts at dawn, dusk, and during  pre-frontal conditions. Small presentation details are critical now as well. Gold flutter spoons, hand picked shiners and glow teardrops are some good options to try out when the bite gets slow. More than any other time of year, punctilious presentations prevail for mid to late winter Walleyes.

Turning your attention to panfish now can really help fill in the lulls in the Walleye bite. Perch, Tullibee, Crappies and Bluegills often bite mid day and might even make you forget about old Walter. 

I'm seeing quality Perch now and it should only get better in the coming weeks.

                  Mid winter Crappies can be quite easy to find provided you are mobile.

Selective harvest can help ensure good fishing for future generations.

Cheers and hook-sets!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Yellow Fever - Leech Lake Perchin'

Small Perch don't garner much respect from fisher folk, but when the Jumbos show up, even hardened predator anglers have to give props. These thugs cruise mid-depth flats now but will move ultra-shallow if cover and food are present. Up-sizing minnows and spoons can help select for bigger fish, while sight fishing in the shallows allows us to play "keep away" from the dinks. Staying fairly mobile and presenting hand selected Golden Shiners or 1/8oz Slender Spoons has been the best presentation for me, as of late. 

"Might I compare thee to a farm animal..."

                                                         Cheers and hook-sets!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Minnesota N' Ice

I recall being in my early twenties and rolling my eyes at the subject of local culture. I suppose that young people everywhere, thinking the grass is greener, believe that their surroundings are tacky or boring. Fast forward a decade and and half or so and to me; pac boots, hot dish and ice fishing are some of the best things about living here in the north woods. 

                                          B.Y.O.H.D = Bring Your Own Hot Dish!

                                                      Cheers and hook-sets!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dude, Just Find the Food.

 We have all read piles of articles that stress the importance of finding baitfish when in search of predator fish. Being completely focused on this not-so-secret secret when searching for productive water bears universal  consequence across any ecosystem an angler can encounter. In other words, unless the screen is blowin' up, you might just be wasting precious time on the water.

This was our screen shot on a recent trip to the Gulf of Mexico. Looking like a cacophony on sheet music, the high notes supported feeding King Mackerel and at the bottom were Grouper. 

                                                      Cheers and hook-sets!