Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Last Call for Pre-Spawn Walleyes- Rainy River

Well, it has been a great start to the open water guiding season. I just wrapped up three awesome days on the Rainy River with two great guys who made the most of every minute out there.

Our bites were split evenly this year between a vertical jig and minnow presentation and a pitched jig and bright colored plastic. 

                                                            "Not bad...not bad."

It's certainly nice to get back into practice with boat control and netting fish.
I even got to catch a few myself. 

Larry tied his personal best for length, but this fish was heavy!

With MN Walleye season still three weeks away, I'll be doing C&R Sturgeon trips on the Rainy River (many dates are available). Also, it's looking like Leech Lake Crappie and Perch trips in the first half of May are going to happen this year!

                                                      Cheers and hook-sets,
                                                      Captain Phil

Thawing out, and reeling 'em in- Southwest Florida

Florida has some of the best fishing on the planet,
I was lucky enough to sample it once again. 

Fishing the shallow mangrove maze in a small craft for redfish and snook is my favorite.

                                      Brooks caught a leaping snook "all by himself". 

"Great Oden's Raven! What did I get myself into?"

This hammerhead was a bucket list fish for me. Wow was he tough. I traded a few thousand feet of line with this fish and grabbed hold of the leader 6-7 times during a dozen or more huge runs. 

Fishing with loved ones makes for an ideal vacation.

Dare I say it...snapper does indeed rival fresh walleye fillets.

Cheers and hook-sets!