Sunday, June 9, 2019

Leech Lake- Early June Fishing Report

Outright Angling - Leech Lake Fishing Report for June 10th 2019
June is such a great month for Leech Lake fishing, the bite has been even better since my last report. Bent rods, high-fives and smiles from one end of the lake to the other, all species are on the chew. 

Walleyes have been the main target, with great fish coming topside on nearly every outing. A jig-and-minnow has accounted for the most bites, but the fish are starting to show a preference for leeches and night crawlers as the water warms.  I predict that a live bait rig with a leech will be a solid bet over the next few weeks. 6-14 feet of water has been most productive depths to fish lately. Trolling shallow crankbaits at night in 8-10 feet of water has been a hot tactic too for those who don't mind loosing a bit of sleep, this bite should continue for a while. 

Muskies will be the target for some this week, we have already put a couple dandies in the boat without much effort. Either casting very shallow weedy bays, or trolling over the basin can be productive tactics during the month of June for muskellunge. Casting the classic "summer spots" will really start to shine later in July for these beasts. I'm really looking forward to this! 

Cheers and hook-sets,
Capt. Phil Bauerly