Friday, July 10, 2015

June into July- Leech Lake

As water temps creep up, our versatility gets tested some days. The past few weeks we have caught Walleyes pulling spinners near rock piles, slip bobbering cabbage weeds, pitching jigs on windy shorelines, rigging leeches and minnows in sand and burning crankbaits in 25 f.o.w.

               Some days we get dialed in right out of the gates and other days we work for it a bit.

                                            We have had some awesome weather.

                        The Leech Lake Smallmouth Bass population is definitely increasing.

A nice main lake "hog" Walleye.

 Some days it's been all keeper sized fish and I have had as many as 20 bigger slot fish other days with just a  few keepers to show for it. 

I have had the pleasure to fish with some really great guest anglers.

                                                                  An evening limit.

Here is dad with a beauty, helping me scout on my "day off". 

Each day really is an awesome new adventure on Leech Lake.

Cheers and hook-sets!