Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Fatties Leech Lake Muskies and 'Eyes 10/12/12

10/12/12 Fall Fatties

I couldn't decide whether to chase Muskies or Walleyes this afternoon so I did a little of both. I found water from 48-52 degrees and baitfish stacked up on south facing weedy breakines. The Pike were really bangin' but managed a few 'eyes on a Live Target smelt. The biggest marble eye was just under 27" and quite girthy. I got several Pike in the 30" range and saw one tank. I also managed to shake up a nice 50" x 24" 'lunge on a good ol Suick.  My best 'ski of the year. My knees are still shaking. The same little inside turn produces for me every October. Fall fishing is here, the best time of the year by far.

Cheers and Hooksets!

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