Sunday, October 21, 2012

10/21/12 Oh Rainy Day Walleye...

We fished friday near Clementson on the Rainy River and had good luck with eaters and two fish at 29". Saturday the Walleyes shut down completely so we switched to Sturgeon Gear. I was able to put my wife and dad on their first dinosaur fish and even ended up getting a double with my dad.   My best sturg was 55". Totals for the two days were 6 Sturgeon and 37 Walleyes. Not gangbusters but all-in-all a good trip. I also got to fish with Brian from Moose lake, a great guy who seems tuned in to all things finned and who is welcome in my boat anytime.

A 1/2 oz pink jig or gold Northland Whistler jig tiped with a live Emerald shiner was the ticket for the 'eyes while a gob-o-crawlers on a 3/0 J-hook and a 3oz No-Roll sinker was just right for the Lake Sturgeon.

                                               I woke up this mornin' to the sunshine
                                               It sure as hell just looks like rain
                                               But I know just where to go on a cloudy day....

cheers and hooksets!

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