Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Walleye of July- Stretching Strings

With July almost gone, I thought I would put up pics of some of the more memorable fish in my boat from the past month for all of you fish heads considering a trip to Leech Lake.

It has been quite an experience on the walleye front, with fish coming to the net on any number of presentations, and from 3 to 30 feet of water.

 The more productive methods have included: pitching light jigs and leeches, slip bobbering, rigging redtail chubs on humps, snapping jigging with jigging raps, trolling crankbaits on leadcore line and trolling stick baits with segmented leadcore behind planer boards.

We have been putting some very big bends in my trolling rods lately, I hope to continue this into August. 

I have to say that I do miss May and June fishing at times, when I pretty much know that we will be fishing 1/8oz jigs and minnows in 5-13 f.o.w. on main lake points and flats during virtually every outing.

 In fact, I have had 16 rods rigged and ready with various tactics this month, and some days we use them all to get our bites.

In my opinion, there is no silver bullet for July and August walleyes on Leech Lake, but being persistent seems to pay off more often then not.

Cheers and hook-sets! 

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