Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Whatever Floats Your Boat- Kicking off the Open Water Season

Two of us arrived at the Rainy River just after noon, launched and set up in 14 f.o.w. Our first spot was a good one as we managed 20+ fish from that one anchor position in just a couple of hours, with half of them being 23-1/2"-25-1/2". After the bite slowed we moved around quite a bit with only a few walleyes and one giant sturgeon to show for our efforts. It was amazing weather and a great afternoon on the water. Besides getting our first walleyes and sturgeon of the open water season, I got to enjoy my first open water sunset as well while my fishing partner fetched the truck. Open water has arrived in the north country!!

Lake of the Woods Walleyes pour into the Rainy River in March and April to stage for spawning. 

Temperature, flow and fishing pressure can affect the bite and walleyes are not always a sure thing.

On this afternoon, we experienced a couple hour bite window followed by the fish completely shutting down for the evening.

   Jigs and plastics can indeed put more fish in the boat than minnows when the fish are on the chew.Longer casts and faster presentations can be made with plastics, making it far more efficient at times.

Big lake sturgeon are abundant in the Rainy and can provide an awesome change of pace from jigging for walleyes. 

                           My first open water sunset was a good one too. Cheers and hook-sets! 

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