Sunday, June 22, 2014

Break Out the Arti's For Leech Lake Walleyes

During the past three outings we have been boating fish on a variety of artificial lures including trolling Shad Raps and Tail Dancers along with casting Jigs-and-ringworm combos, paddletail plastics, suspending minnow baits and Rippin' Raps. If you like mixing in artificals with your live bait, now is the time to take your arti's for a swim.

Lures work great for covering water and locating active fish. With water back up in the 70 degree range Walleyes can be triggered into striking plastics and hard lures alike. Change up the profile, action and color of your artificials until you dial in on what works best.

I'm not suggesting you leave your live bait behind but artificial lures can be an effective and fun way to catch Walleyes on Leech.

They work for eater sized and bigger slot fish.

                                                        Cheers and hook-sets!

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