Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lots of Wonderfull Slots

Despite the liberalized slot limits this year, the keepers are coming in one out of every 4-5 fish with the bulk of the catches being 22"-26" fish. A few of my spots are kicking out more keepers but it's very hard to leave big fish for eaters! The good news is that the catching has been fantastic with just enough keepers to make for some outstanding outings. Taking pictures of mid-twenty inch fish is starting to get quite redundant but we never tire of setting the hook and reeling in this quality of fish. Not to mention the "certain kind of grin" we get when we hoist one of these beauties. With water slowly warming, I expect to soon be able to catch Walleyes a dozen different ways including artificial lures, minnows, leeches and crawlers as well.

Cheers and hook-sets!

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