Friday, August 23, 2013

Fishing With The Fam- Species And Tactics

The very mention of fishing with kids instantly conjures up images of bluegills and crappies but at times, I find these species quite finicky. I know, you can put your kids on piles of 4"-7" bluegills and 1/4 pound crappies but where is the fun in that? Often it can take a real deft stick and the patience of Jobe to seal the deal on quality panfish. Bass and Pike require heavier tackle and more casting and retrieving then most kids can deal with. For me, the ultimate family friendly fish is the walleye. No, not jigging and live bait rigging although, I'm sure a ten or twelve year old could figure this out. Trolling or slip bobbering is where it's at for the sprats! Think about trolling for 'eyes...extra lines and treble hooks=fish. Yes, be careful netting and handling fish. Get the boat going in the right direction, clip on the crankbaits, let out the lines, put them in rod holders. When a fish bites, let the kids reel them in with the rod in the holder, believe me, they will think it is fun to reel in even a 20" walleye. For slip bobbering it's the same routine except you cast it out, and then set the hook when a fish bites. Take turns reeling them in. The best part is, you will never know when a big mean fish will take the bait and the look on their face will be priceless.

cheers and hooksets!

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