Sunday, June 9, 2013

First Week Of June- Leech Lake

I'm finding plenty of eater sized Walleyes most trips out with a few anchor fish between 25"-27" each time to keep things interesting. Wind swept shoreline structures are still holding fish in 5-10 f.o.w. with some fish starting to scatter to the mid-depth flats. We had a strong night bite last night with fish slamming raps trolled at 1.5mph. A jig and shiner is best for daytime shoreline stuff. However, I have been switching out the shiner for plastics when the fish are really banging and the strikes come even harder, you just have to up your jig one size and rip it a little more.

My Muskie outings have been uneventful thus far with a few follows that were low and slow. We need some warm weather to get these monsters going. I did have one come after an 18" Walleye boatside with it's mouth open though. Always cool to see.

11026_51b47e1418254.jpg 3648X2736 px

11026_51b47e474b903.jpg 3872X2592 px
cheers and hooksets!

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