Sunday, January 13, 2013

1/13/13 Mid January Walleyes-Leech Lake

Walleye fishing on Walker bay is still pretty darn good with an ideal mix of eaters and bigger fish, though most of the bites are coming at prime time. I have had my best luck on 12'-18' flats near the deep break. Perch fishing is good too but you will have to do some sorting to find fish over 10". I like a shiner minnow or bigger rainbow minnow for Walleyes and if a Perch can get it in it's mouth it's probably a good one. Ice quality and thickness is good everywhere I have been. 12"-14" in most places.
If I look cold in this pic, it's because I was. Ten below zero with a -30 windchill.
Cheers and Hooksets!

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